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Full Version: Brian Westbrook suffering from memory loss
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Westbrook has trouble with short-term memory, things such as retaining information that was just told to him, or remembering someone's name

If only Andy had pounded him more between the tackles.
Sad news.
QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Mar 17 2013, 03:52 AM) *
If only Andy had pounded him more between the tackles.

or if he simply used some common sense:

While his symptoms aren't as severe as other former NFL players, Westbrook now says he returned too soon from a concussion that knocked him out cold against Washington in 2009. He returned only three weeks later and was quickly hurt again.

"I thought I took enough time off to rest and recuperate. I thought I was healed completely," Westbrook said. "But I got hit, I got my bell rung. I was out for another few weeks with another concussion."
Until they play with a bubble helmet, this is likely to continue.
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