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Full Version: Anyone else not excited about the 3-4
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Like always, I will be optimistic, but I am not too excited about going to the 3-4. I was fairly satisfied with our D line talent but not so sure in a 3-4. I was lukewarm on our LB's but now they are going to have to step up much more in the new scheme.
I remember how much I iniitially hated it when we switched to a 3-4 under Parcells. We had always been a 4-3 team until then. Hell, our first coach had a lot to do with the development of the modern 4-3.

And at first, I felt vindicated when our defense looked lost out there. But then Wade Phillips actually started to make it work. At that point I started to pay more attention to it instead of just ragging on it and began to see it's possibities as well. If you can get a good pass rushing outside linebacker, and a good nose tackle, you can do some pretty good things with a 3-4...but those two positions are key.

Of course, now we're going back to a version of the 4-3 after all this time so I'm going to have to relearn that.
I'm all for it, love the 3-4 defense look. Might be alittle painful to watch the first season but I'm all for it.
My main concern is whether we have the personnel for it, and as chuckp points out the transition won't be overnight.
I don't have any experience comparing the two styles. It's been since M. Campbell since we had one here.

I wonder how much the rumored 4-3 with three under hybrid we've been hearing about plays into it? Wil that make our current personnel fit better?
I just want to be more physical on defense and less reliant on speed. I don't care how we achieve it.
QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Mar 17 2013, 08:47 AM) *
I just want to be more physical on defense and less reliant on speed. I don't care how we achieve it.

More physical and more effective. I want other teams to be worried about playing this team. I like body bag games. laugh.gif
I look forward to tackles where the offensive guy actually moves backwards with the hit.

Too few in the last few years.
D Rock
I love watching good linebacker play. I'm ok with putting one more on the field.
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