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Full Version: Projected Starting Line-Up
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Mr. Bonko
I thought it might be interesting to project the Eagles starting line-up as of today (day 2 of FA) and watch the lineup progress (for lack of a better word) between now and opening day. The only problem is that I am not smart enough to project the current starters. I think I can do it on Offense:

1 QB=Foles
2 RB=McCoy
3 WR=Jackson
4 WR=Maclin
5 WR= Avant
6 TE=Celek
7 C=Kelce
8 LT=Peters
9 RT=Herremans
10 LG= Mathis
11 RG=Watkins

If that group is healthy and Foles is decent, it is not a bad O. Foles is the key. If Vick is the starter, the whole offense sucks. He ruins everything.

As for defense, wow......

DL = Cox
DL = Sopoaga

OL = Cole
OL = Graham
IL = Ryans
IL = Kendricks

RC = Boykin
LC = Bradley

FS = Allen
SS = Chung

That D will give up 40 pts per game. Hopefully I have it wrong (even as of now). And hopefully there are FA signings, trades and/or draft picks that fundamentally change the look of that pathetic defense.
It's interesting.

I took the roster on the Eagles site and went thru the inclusion of the nine new acquistions and came up with depth chart. You can see how the conversion to a 3-4 defense puts us at a disadvantage b/c of player incompatibility. Here's my depth chart, and a list of needs we need to fill:

QB (3)- Vick, Foles, Dixon
RB (4)- McCoy, Brown, Lewis, Polk (with more running, I keep four RBs)
FB -(1) Havilli (in for now, may be unecessary b/c of Casey)
WR (6)- Jackson, Maclin, Avant, Cooper, Johnson, Benn
TE (3) - Celek, Casey, Harbor
OT (4) - Peters, Herremans, Kelly, Kopa
OG (4) - Mathis, Watkins, Vanderwelde, Tennent
C (2) - Kelce, Reynolds (can also play OG)
DE(4) - Cox (can play 3-4 DE), Graham, Curry, Hunt (not sure if any of these can be 3-4 DE's)
DT (3) - Sopoaga (can play 3-4) Dixon, Thorton (unsure if either can play DT3-4)
OLB (4) - Barwin, Cole, Phillips, Chaney, Rau (besdies Barwin and Phillips, can any play 3-4 OLB)
ILB (3) - Ryans, Kendricks, Matthews
SS (3) - Chung, Coleman, Anderson
FS (2) - Phillips, Allen
CB (4) - Williams, Fletcher, Boykin, Marsh
K (1) - Henery
P (1) - McBriar
LS (1) - Dorenbos

Starters needed in order: OG, DE, OLB, CB
Depth Needs in order assuming we get starter needs: OT, NT, DE, ILB

I wonder if we can trade some 4-3 DE's for some 3-4 DE's or OLB's. Is there a team going to 4-3 from 3-4?

With all the needs above, we need to get a few more FA's to fill in. Can't do it all in the draft.

Also, one other problem. At this point in their careers, both Phillips and Chung are SS not FS.
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