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Full Version: Our Lottery Numbers: 4, 35 and 67
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Here's the last 10 years of the #4 pick:

2012 Matt Kalil OT - off to a good start
2011 AJ Green WR - 2 PB in 2 yrs!!
2010 Trent Williams OT - 1 PB so far
2009 Aaron Curry LB - bust
2008 D. McFadden RB - Solid starter with PB potential if stays healthy
2007 Gaines Adams DT - bust
2006 D. Ferguson OT - 3 PB's
2005 C. Benson RB - Solid Starter
2004 Phillip Rivers QB - 4 PB's
2003 D. Robertson DT - Solid Starter

From the last 10 35th picks, these are of note:

2011 A. Dalton QB - solid starter
2009 J. Laurentitus LB - solid starter
2005 R. Brown WR - just to jab at Eagles fans. Not a bust, but below potential
2004 I. Olshansky DT - solid starter
2003 C. Tillman DB - 2 PB's

so one PBer, 3 solid starters, 1 middle of the road guy and 5 busts.

From the last 10 67th picks, there is not one of note. Looks like a bunch of nothing.

So we need to get a PB at #4, a solid starter at #35, hope for a starter and a sub or two from the rest and fill in with some FA's at spots of need. We can't do it all thru the draft.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Mar 9 2013, 01:40 PM) *
2005 R. Brown WR - just to jab at Eagles fans. Not a bust, but below potential

While he not have been a traditional 'bust' as in he put together relatively solid stats for a few years, what I remember him most for is the amount of Eagles games I would watch where I would wonder whether or not he was playing that day well into the 3rd or 4th quarter (he ended up playing in all of them).

Check ot this Free Agent Fantasy Draft. I thought it was interesting to see where players went.
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