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Full Version: Poll: Warmack or Geno.
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D Rock
Please feel free to expound upon your answers...

I messed up and picked Geno for 1, but I meant to do Warmack for 1 & 2. Geno for 3.
Picked Warmack for all three, from what the "experts" say Smith looks great at times but to inconsistent to be a top 10 pick and you can see on tape especially the game against ND Warmack just handled them all game.
Warmack for all three, although with Joekel gone I'm leaning towards fixing the defence with Milliner or Jordan. I'm discounting Lotulelie at #4 for health reasons - maybe he'll slide to our third rounder and be healthy after all.
Andy Levitre from Buffalo is gonna be a free agent. It makes way more sense to sign a guy like that and spend our #4 on a more valuable position.
Neither of them should be drafted with the fourth overall, and to be honest with all our needs I probably wouldn't even take Chance even if we traded back into the 10-15 range. Guard simply isn't a value position in the NFL period. And even though we could use a guard we don't need a stud, we need a solid player. Our line already has 2 pro bowlers, 2 solid starters, and just one weak point. We honestly do not need to add a third pro bowl lineman, it would be nice but we have bigger needs.

I would love to see the other bama lineman Barrett Jones availible in the third round. He may not be a stud like Warmack, but he would still be an immediate upgrade, he's smart, and can play anywhere on the line if needed because of injuries. Solid third round pick up, also like Warmack he knows the coach.

We don't need to draft a QB anywhere in this draft period. We currently have 5! Foles has show flashes while playing with a New York Jets caliber supporting class, he earned a one year try out in my book. If it doesn't work out we can ditch him and draft a QB in 2014.

Here's what I would do in the draft (assuming no trades)
1. Dion Jordan
2. Cyprien (if not available Ried)
3. Jones (if gone draft the best CB/OL/NT available)
With later picks add a nose, secondary depth, and maybe a TE.

I don't think CB is as big of a need as people think, I believe Davis will want to bring back DRC based on his success in AZ. Also tall press coverage corners are what Chip prefers as well. I also believe they will let Aso go and sign a second starting corner in FA most likely Smith from Miami. That puts us with 2 corners that fit the scheme well and a good nickle in Boykin. Add a playmaking saftey in round two and our secondary is lookin pretty (will look even prettier when you've got Jordan rushing the passer).

Phew! Glad that's over with. But remember this post when FA starts and lets look back at it again when the draft rolls around. I just have a gut feeling this is almost exactly what our offseason will look like.

Just my two cents tongue.gif
Smith may end up being a star player but I feel, based on what I have read that he is a bigger risk. Most pundits seem to agree that Warmack is the best overall player. He would not be a glamorous pick, nor would he greatly affect how the game is played. What he would likely do is anchor the guard position for many years to come.

That said, I would be shocked if the eagles did not select a defensive player
VICKtory - I agree with most of your post, but I don't think DRC is coming back. I do like the thought of landing Smith though.

I'm not very high on Foles, but I get why others are curious. And I don't think Cyprien makes it to our pick in round 2.
QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Mar 1 2013, 03:22 PM) *
VICKtory - I agree with most of your post, but I don't think DRC is coming back. I do like the thought of landing Smith though.

I'm not very high on Foles, but I get why others are curious. And I don't think Cyprien makes it to our pick in round 2.

I obviously see why you believe DRC won't be back, he stunk as an eagle. Im not saying he'll be great here or make another pro bowl, but I think the combination of us having a lot of cap space, his success under Davis, and his athletic ability in my mind everything screams he's coming back.I just think that the eagles are really going to start putting emphasis in getting players that fit our scheme rather than just the best players out there (cough cough nnamdi) and he is the style corner that both Davis and Kelly like.

I'm also excited about Smith if this can work out.

And I also don't believe Cyprien will be there, more wishful thinking. However I still feel Reid would be a good fit for us as well. But man I would sure love for Cyprien to be availible with that pick. Of course we may pull an eagles and have a top tier saftey availible (Cyprien/Earl Thomas) and end up picking Brandon Graham all over again.
I voted for Geno Smith only in regards to immediate impact. I think provided the right offense, ours might apply, he could excel. But, over the course of a career, I think that Warmack will be a great player...which at the guard position will never get him publicity, but it'll help make whichever quarterback/running back he's blocking for a whole lot better.
FWIW, R. Diddy says that Warmack is the best player in the draft and also said that he thinks Smith goes at #12 the latest, probably to Buf at #8. Also Ruben Frank ran off a list of OG drafted in the top 10 and while there are not many, most were busts. The last good top 10 OG drafted was Bill Fralic in 1985. The last one was in the 80's I think they said.

Didinger's pretty good at the draft.
Ray Diddy also liked the Watkins pick. I didn't.
QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Mar 2 2013, 02:34 PM) *
Ray Diddy also liked the Watkins pick. I didn't.


QUOTE (nephillymike @ Mar 2 2013, 03:39 PM) *

I'm just saying...all NFL analysts love picking guards, because they don't have to think. They talk shit about how it's "not sexy" but it's "smart" and "safe." And guards "win games."

They don't. Sure, you need someone competent, but career journeymen like Evan Mathis can come in off the street and become a pro bowler, depending on the team around them.

Rest assured, we'll hear lots of that garbage when Warmack is picked.

If you have the chance to take the best QB in a draft, you have to consider it. This guy isn't Andrew Luck, but if you're waiting for the next Andrew Luck before you take a QB at the top of the draft, you'll be waiting a long time. Smith is every bit the prospect that Donovan was. If not a more polished passer.
QUOTE (D Rock @ Mar 1 2013, 12:11 PM) *
Please feel free to expound upon your answers...


I'd bet neither. As I have expounded upon Warmack's stamina would be a concern in a Chip Kelly offense. Warmack would be better in a traditional pro system like Dallas or the Giants. Geno I don't think gets drafted by the Birds, he is inconsistent, no recent read/option experience and in interviews seems reticent towards a read/option until his stock started dropping. I have concerns about his accuracy in mid range passes, he is real good at short and long distance. The only QB I could see the Eagles target this year is EJ Manuel with a 3rd round grade or later.

Eagles free agency/draft targets
2 TEs
2 safeties
2 CBs
1 Qb
1 NT
1 DT
1 OT
Well this just about settles it for me. Brian Billick thinks we should select Warmack.

So now I'm full steam ahead on the "anyone but Chance" bandwagon.
So what QBs will be in the draft next year? You kinda have to factor that in too.
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