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I did a little draft research experiment. I'll post another thread with some of the better stuff in a while.

But, excluding compensatory picks, which as of now the Eagles may get one for Steve Smith (why? I don't know) and some of the 4th roud picks and below may slide b/c of the 32 comp picks for teams, how "could" our draft look if past is future?

For each of the picks we have in this year's draft, I went back and listed the pick since 1998 that is clsest to that pick number. If I had more than one match, I list them all. If I didn't have an exact match, I picked the closest to.

It ain't pretty:

Round, Pick, Overall Pick

1, 4, 4 = McNabb (2) and Simon (6)
2, 3, 35 = R. Brown, B. Gardner (both #35)
3. 5, 69 = Gocong (71)
4, 4, 100 = G. Scott, Max Jean Gilles (both #99)
5, 3, 131 = Ikeguanu, Darilek, Jamal Green (all #131)
6, 5, 165 = Celek (162), Gaither (162), Tapeh (162), Millons (168)
7,4, 196 = B. Gibson (194), Harrison (198)
7, from Indy, 216 = P. Fanaika (213)

Best case that computes to eight picks, one future multi year PB, 1 solid starter, one limited starter, two backups and 3 busts.

Worst case it computes to one future one year PB, 2 backups, and 5 busts.

I don't know. What a downer. It seems we learned last year it's tough building thru FA and history shows it's tough building thru the draft.

I'll show more detail in a later post.
Gamble was a good hire ... we hope.

Sidepoint: we could get as many as 3 comp picks, I go into a little more detail as to why in the pinned "2012 offseason guide" article at the top of the board. However, any of those we get will in all likelihood be in the 6th/7th round "throw a dart at the draft board blindfolded and you're as likely to get a hit" stage, so it isn't likely to matter much. I figure we've used up our luck with late picks for a while with the Brown selection.
Problem with that analysis is that it ignores who did the drafting for us. Roseman is the only survivor from the old regime in a position to influence the selections with Banner, Reid and the co-ordinators gone, and all of those selections pre-date him.

We have no idea how Kelly will draft, a limited idea on Roseman's success and (as Zero points out) a very good idea that Gamble has a good success rate. Only the Eagles themselves know how good Roseman is, since they will internally review each person's preferences against where players are drafted and how they then perform.
On the nfl network top 10 show they have been running the top 10 draft classes, wouldn't it be nice to see the Eagles on this list someday lol, maybe we can start with '13
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