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Full Version: Continuing the Eagles' QB debate ...
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This is a really interesting perspective on QBs in the NFL and how they impact a team's success. Again, we all seem to assume Kelly is going to bring that Oregon offense with him to the Eagles. Flipping the dial back to what Kelly has said, we all may be assuming the wrong thing. This guy breaks it down nicely and I thought it would be a nice addition to our discussions:
Colin Kaepernick was in his tenth career start in the Super Bowl and Joe Flacco was pretty much the poor man's Tony Romo until his playoff run this year. Neither of these quarterbacks are going to be compared to Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees. This isn't to say they are bad; Kaepernick has a very rare skill set and Joe Flacco was nearly flawless in the playoffs this year. But unlike Brees or Rodgers, they are not the keystone of the offense or the team. They are role players in a bigger picture. This is the true key for a successful offense that Bill Walsh discovered when he invented the West Coast offense. You don't need an elite quarterback, you just need a system that is conducive to good quarterback play.
Obviously you like to maximize talent at every position, quarterback included. But true talent at quarterback only comes around once every few years, unlike the talent at most other skill positions. It is simply bad business to hold out for that "face of the franchise" because your team might have to endure losing for several seasons. And then once that quarterback is obtained, offensive coordinates suffer the pitfall of centering the system around that person.
The important thing to recognize is that, offensively speaking, the quarterback position has the least amount of proven talent on this [Eagles] roster. This is why I think that it really won't matter who is under center for the Eagles next year. The offense is going to revolve around the speed the Eagles have at other positions and, given Kelly's reported hatred of turnovers, the quarterback could very well be selected based off of who give the rock away the least. While that would make Foles the starter on the surface, keep in mind that Vick has been a reliable starter when only asked to throw the ball twenty to thirty times a game.
I'm pretty sure Chip will not have the QB throw the ball 50 times a game, but bet he uses a lot of the WCO routes and some of it's concepts. He's going to get all bleary-eyed watching film on the players and work out schemes that he thinks will play to their strengths. This is a common theme listening to Kelly, his coaches and the FO. It's not the lip service Reid gave us, this is who they want us to believe they are now. We may have a different opinion of one or more of these QBs by November.
Good stuff, sir.
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