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I had forgotten, the Eagles hire coaches that have vocal chords. For 14 years all we heard was "ahem, first injuries" and "I have to do a better job there, and I will" and rarely if ever a peep from any of the other coaches.

I always thought it wasn't a bad idea because we didn't want to divulge too much classified information to the enemy rest of the league for fear they would figure us out. After all, we didn't want the Giants or the Cowboys to know we were going to pass the ball 50 times a game. And we especially didn't want anyone to find out that Vick liked to turn the ball over.

Guess what, they're talking. Now the Eagles will never win a Super Bowl! All their secrets will be spread like peanut butter on Wonder Bread.
Here's a good link for an example of the coaches saying stuff.

AR would let the coordinators speak...sometimes more than i wanted. when the defense sucked i saw Bowles on camera over and over. MM had a weekly thing he did too. position coaches said less obviously but i dont blame AR for not putting lesser position coaches in front of cameras constantly. they just give coach speak and defer blame above their heads if pressured

i thought AR's talk during pressers was annoying and i like Kelly's more, but i havent seen kelly lose some NFL games yet. we will see how candid he can be if his decisions dont work out and he is getting grilled

another thing i didnt like about AR is this "i dont give comments at halftime when im losing" BS....i thought it made AR look pretty small when the sideline piece of ass would say she spoke to one coach as he ran off the field for halftime and then say "of course, Reid doesnt comment if his team is losing at halftime"...its minor i know which is why i never talked about it (especially given you dont get much from any coach anyway) but i didnt like it.....hopefully Kelly wont have that rule
As I remember, Reid never let his coaches talk until this year. No?
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