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Full Version: So kelly wants to use DeSean like DeAnthony Thomas
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There's an article at where DeSean expresses excitement about Kellly's offense after talking with DeAnthony thomas who is a Oregon RB about DeSean's size and is really fast

i dont watch college football so i checked Thomas' highlights on YouTube. He looks really good although i dont know how many of the defenders he embarrassed are future NFL players or future accountants

anyway the thing i took away from the highlight reel was....if kelly thinks DeSean is gonna be a NFL Black mamba, he's gonna get one heck of a surprise

in thomas i saw a guy fighting for yards, catching the ball in front of defenders, middle of the field catches, breaking tackles, running between the tackles, taking hits and very seldom do any of his non-scoring runs end without a tackle...even near the sideline. granted he is a running back so he doesnt have the diva mindset prevalent in WRs who play on the outside. also he is a college kid trying to get big dollars while DeSean is trying to protect his money. Any guy at that size playing like that will last about 10mins in the NFL. that said, the reason WHY Thomas plays the opposite game from DeSean is not really relevant

on the other hand, is Kelly aware of DeSean's "where is the sideline" act and is simply giving him coachspeak in the hopes to get the best out of him...y'know, on stuff other than go routes?
We need Welker to fill that role.

DJax doesn't have the balls for it.

Let Bambi continue to run the fly patterns.
Damaris Johnson would fit that role better IMO
I just want the old "Action Jackson" back........... please
Mike_ G
That really could be interesting, but Jackson seems so much more of a threat going over the top. Maybe on that fly sweep.
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