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Full Version: Joe "Rat Man" Banner is a juvinile piece of dog excrement
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That's all.
D Rock
What he do now?

They had a writer from CLE on WIP today and they hate him out there already. His sour puss face isn't a big hit. The guy called it a "somebody just farted" look.

They also were very unhappy with the Lombardi hire.

Today Banner comes out and says they didn't want Chip after all, that they did not have faith in his commitment to the NFL. Bobby asks Suzie out and Suzie picks Jimmy as a boy friend and then Bobby says he never did like Suzie after all.

I'm so glad that guy isn't here any more.

Keep his patently irresponsible, hoagie gate, no water fountains for the upper level, Brian Dawkins losing ass in Cleveland!!
QUOTE (Zero @ Jan 21 2013, 07:13 PM) *
That's all.
Too funny. I looked at the subject of this post and figured it was made by one of our resident shit-stirring trolls. Then my eyes wander off to the right and WOAH! This is my buddy Zero! Measured, mature, even-keeled.

Banner must be a real piece of human detritus to be reviled in this way by Zero!
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