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... it's very interesting that the Lurie seems to have some information that someone was actively trying to discredit Roseman. Obviously it didn't work.
Which way is the discrediting moving? Just from watching these guys over the years I'm inclined to think the Ratman is indeed a rat. Maybe Joey got all puffy about how well the franchise has done since he and Jeff took over the team and overplayed his hand. Maybe Jeff put him in his place and that caused the falling out. It just sounds like Banner was/is a real asshole and was trying his best to take down his childhood friend and everything he has.

Now the really interesting part is if Howie can be a good GM. (fingers crossed)
QUOTE (Zero @ Jan 18 2013, 08:03 AM) *
Now the really interesting part is if Howie can be a good GM. (fingers crossed)

Frankly, I think this will be a bigger factor towards our success over the next several years than coaching schemes and philosophies. Admittedly, I believed some of the rumors about Howie, not because of his personality or capabilities, but just because of how much of an incestuous network the NFL is, and how he's a bit of an outsider (business guy.)

I'm not sure what to think of his talent evaluation skills at this point. Based on some stuff I've read, I still have a hard time believing he didn't contribute to our terrible 2010 & 2011 drafts. With that said, I don't think talent evaluation is some gift that only ex-football players possess. This will surprise no one here, but I believe myself to have been more capable than the Eagles organization over the past decade in identifying first round talent. [pats self on back]

If Howie can draft great players, we'll be okay. We just need some depth. Our draft classes have been largely abysmal for the past 5 years. We've drafted some talent, but several positions were completely depleted.
I'll be cheering them all on, that's for sure.
There is an article 'fractured friends' on CSNPhilly that details Lurie's belief that banner was the source of the stuff about Roseman. After reading that I think two things...

1) the idea that Lurie doesn't care what fans think is completely untrue. If the coaching candidates respected Roseman, then why be so upset about a story saying otherwise? Lurie even says in the story that fans believe what we read. Lurie clearly cares about that

2) another thing that seems to be of supreme importance to Lurie is that Roseman gains vindication as a top personnel guy. It showed in the presser after AR left and in the story. I wouldn't say this worries me but an agenda like this can hurt a team. If Lurie is hell bent on showing the world that howie the great walks on water, all manner of talent eval miscues will be overlooked as the coaches/players carousel spins out of control
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