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Full Version: I know I'm late to the party...
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...but I was on deployment for the season and am now catching up on all the games on DVD (thanks Dad!) Don't hate me for picking at the scab that was this season, and I'm sorry if I'm retreading here, but...

Was anyone else really impressed with Mychal Kendricks? I thought Fletcher played really well, too, but I kinda expected that from him. But I wasn't sure about MK, but he looked really good to me. I've read on here that people thought he could start, but I think he looks like he might be really, really good. Like Pro Bowl good. Is my view jaded?

Just wanted some thoughts.

BTW, thanks for giving me something to look forward to when we had internet while I was gone. I always knew, when we had internet, I could email the family and catch up on the Birds. I appreciate it! cheers.gif
Cox looks like a stud but with a dysfunctional defense loaded with players who appeared to quit after game two, it seems way too early to make any judgement on Kendricks or Boykin. Both seem to have good skills and lots of talent and is huge reason why I'm excited for a regime change ... to find out if they are NFL players, also rans or potential game changers.

Thanks for serving! Welcome home.

Yeah, Boykin looked good to me as well, but you're right, it's hard to tell what the wine tastes like with this much piss in the glass!

I'm not saying anyone is getting into Camden just yet, just that I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw of Kendricks and Cox. Boykin also, although I wish he were 4" taller!

Also, I desperately wanted Gus, but am optimistic about having Chip here this year. Hopefully, all this 'build the scheme around the players' isn't just lip service. And please, God, please let us get some good D coaching!

I want to see the good ol' Gang Green Defense again!!!

Go Eagles!
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