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Full Version: Jim Johnson was the best coach we eve had
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This whole coach search has made me appreciate how lucky we were to have had that guy coach our D. I don't care that he wasnt a HC. I look around at all these pre-madonnas and loud mouths and realize that I wouldn't have traded anything for JJ. He didnt blame anyone for his mistakes, didn't get into fights with other coaches on the sidelines, he just did his job.He was a real coach, no excuses, no big talk, no bullshit, he just went out there and coached the fuck out of that team. Theres no replacing him and that really makes me sad.
The crazy thing is that he wasn't particularly successful prior to landing in Philly. I realize most people 'round here don't like to give Andy credit for much, but the fact that he identified JJ seemingly out of nowhere is impressive.

He is definitely missed.
We've traditionally always had good defensive coordinators. "Swamp Fox" Campbell, Buddy/Fisher/Phillips, Bud Carson, Rhodes/Thomas, then JJ. I'd probably put Carson a little above the others, because of what he was able to accomplish with the '91 defense (#1/#1/#1).
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