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Full Version: Cause for Concern About Eagles Hiring
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I worry that Jeff Lurie and the search team are leaning too heavily in the thinking that the next coach needs to be the defacto GM, the organization's leader and trend setter the way Reid was.

Not many coaches can do that, and Reid prolly didn't reach that level until years later, and he over reached outside his skill level.

With Lurie being hands off, Howie being Howie, Banner in Cleveland, and Reid being in KC we run the risk of reaching for a coach to be everything and fill every void in the organization as opposed to being open to the possibility of getting a talented, experienced real GM and hiring a coach to coach.

How about this?

Hire Jaws for GM.

THEN, hire your next coach.

Let Jaws be the mover and shaker and let your coach, coach.
What makes you think Jaws would be a good GM? Then again, if Howie really is good at evaluating and negotiating why would we need Jaws ... maybe to be the contact man, the respected "football man?"
I think Jaws would be more likely to be the next Matt Millen than the next great GM if you promoted him in directly. Loved the guy as our QB, and like his TV work, but there's more to being a GM than being a glorified scout. If he wants to start out as a scout and work his way up, though, that's fine. At his age, though, doubt Jaworski would be interested in starting over at the ground floor.
I think it depends on who we hire.

Bring in Cowher or Gruden (Jon), and you'd expect him to want to do it all but a college coach or co-ordinator may prefer to work with (but not under) a GM. The Eagles structure is that the HC and GM both report directly to Lurie.
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