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Full Version: This is becoming a recurring theme
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The players are speaking up, too little, too late to save their beloved coach. Avant, McCoy, Vick. Now Kelce and Mathis.

Leadership and effort are the themes. Reid used to have a players committee to bridge the gap between the coaches and the players. It was a way he held his finger on the pulse of the team. He let that go.

Say what you will, I still think Andy lost this team, but why? Was it solely Reid or were there influences from other parts of the FO? Everything was supposed to be warm and fuzzy this year because the important guys got their money.

Cole got his and disappeared. DJax got his and didn't set the world on fire before going on IR. Mathis got his and seemed to play up to it. Herremans got his and only played OK before going on IR. Namdi got it and was too visible ... and that ain't good for a CB.

Most of these guys weren't hungry any more. They got their ticket, punched it and found a comfortable seat by the window. So, did Reid lose his touch or did he get trumped from above? Wasn't he the one who fought for DJax in negotiations? Didn't Cole or Herremans say something about Reid being instrumental in getting deals done, or was that just DJax?
I have to agree with all of your statements about the players except DJax. He's a deep guy, not an over-the-middle kinda guy. When you can't protect the QB long enough for that route to develop, he's not gonna be able to catch many balls. Add some shoddy play calling and you get a guy like DJax who had a so-so year.

I still like him and think he can be a weapon if you give the QB enough time to get him the ball. Do I think he's HOF talent? Not at all but he's a nice player.
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