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Bocadelphia Eagles John
Holy Crap,

Even the friggen kicker can't get it right. This entire team, with a handful of exceptions, stinks. BLOW IT UP !!!

QUOTE (Bocadelphia Eagles John @ Dec 30 2012, 02:20 PM) *
Holy Crap,

Even the friggen kicker can't get it right. This entire team, with a handful of exceptions, stinks. BLOW IT UP !!!

Have no fear Boca. It is going to get blown up, and then washed away with a firehouse on full blast.
All we can do now is wait and see what tomorrow brings.
For what it's worth, when you see a team that has historically been five hundred or above crater like this, it's usually not just a matter of the team "sucking."

Sometimes bad luck and injuries can take on a momentum of their own and you find yourself on a team that's having a nightmare of a season. Suddenly losing seems to be something built in to every move you make, every bounce of the ball, every flag thrown, and no matter what you do to scrabble out of that hole it seems like the edges are made of mud and you just bury yourself instead.

Next year you get a healthy Jason Peters back, possibly to pair with a 1st round draft choice tackle on the other side. Also Herremans will be back too. Foles will have part of a season under his belt, and most likely an entire offseason getting reps as the starting QB. He will also have Desean Jackson as a target to throw to next year. So Foles situation should be tremendously better than the one he stepped into this year.

I'm still not convinced Reid is leaving, but I will say it was his job as coach to recognize what was happening and finding ways to break that losing momentum. But keeping his own personal losses in mind, he might have started the season on his own downward spiral as well and just refused to see it. I honestly think he could have saved his job by asking Lurie for a year off. I'm sure he would have gotten it.

But I guess my point is that personnel wise, you guys may not "stink" as bad as you fear. The main thing yall need first is to get off the current rollercoaster and get a fresh start. I guess it's up to Lurie now to decide how to go about doing that.
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