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Full Version: Roseman will stay because of his extension
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Howie will hang around after Reid moves on to another job, but at what position with the team? I know he's got the title of GM but could Lurie hire a new President or give his new coach authority over personnel?

Those saying it's not all Reid's fault are right insofar as he didn't make final personnel decisions ... but did he or didn't he? Nonetheless, I'm not comfortable with a kid lawyer/negotiator choosing the players for the roster. Last year's draft brought in some good players but:
The identity of the coach Lurie hires, and whether he also adds a heavyweight to the player personnel department, will tell you whether Roseman has been held blameless for the recent slide that dovetails with his elevation to the general manager's office before the 2010 season. It is possible that Roseman has skated away cleanly, even though his Junior GM Secret Draft Decoder Ring hasn't always operated properly, and even though the team he helped assemble for this season is a thin excuse for an NFL roster.

The bottom half of the roster, where the special teams are culled, and where replacements must be found for the top half in the event of injury or poor play, is, to be as plain as possible, not very talented. The team was $20 million under the salary cap this season, but what the front office gave Reid was not exactly a cost-efficient bag of diamonds in the rough.

I think Reid is largely responsible for the roster, therefore he shares much of the blame. With that said, having a coach with that much power doesn't work, which is the bigger problem. All of the best teams have clearly defined GM and coach roles.

While Reid may have final say, Roseman is responsible for putting together the board and leading the scouting. There is no way Reid could possibly have time for those duties. As that article says, we have some top-end "talent," but we've had far too many early draft misses to field a deep, competitive roster. We simply aren't as good as many on this board want to believe. But more importantly, at some positions, we are just plain bad.
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