I'm still of the opinion that I'd prefer to see a solid coordinator as the Eagles next HC but I feel a bit better about Kelly as a prospect after reading this.
Kelly is all about numbers. If he can make you worry about his passing game and leave fewer guys in the box, he will run. If you stack the box, he will throw. If you load up the outside, he'll attack the inside. And so on. This isn't rocket science. Kelly wants to see where you line up your defenders and then he will attack the weak spots. These basic principles already work in the NFL. Watch Brady and Manning at the LOS, looking over the defense. They want to attack the weak spots in the defense.

Kelly isn't a "plays" guy. Spurrier was. Reid and Mornhinweg definitely are. Kelly will tell you to focus on players, not plays. Think back to the Skins game. The Eagles threw the ball to TE Evan Moore at one of the most critical moments in the game. The design of the play worked. Moore was open. The pass was accurate. Should have been a TD. The problem is that football isn't chess. You can't think of the players as pieces who will do as you wish. You must account for the human element. That generally means focusing on your star players. Get them the ball in crunch time. Don't focus on surprising the other team. Out-execute them.

If he comes to the NFL, Kelly will adapt to the players he has. Over time he'll shape the roster to be exactly what he wants, but don't fall into the trap of thinking what you see at Oregon is exactly what you'd see in the pros. Kelly is smart enough to know that you can use multiple QBs in college, but in the NFL you need one star QB and the team is built around him. That means limiting him as a runner.

The other thing that seems to be a positive is that apparently some pretty successful NFL coaches have sought out Kelly to learn from him. Is that normal or is it as impressive as it sounds?