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Full Version: Geno Smith plays today
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Pinstripe Bowl at 3:15est on espn. Good chance to scope the only viable QB prospect worth taking early in the draft.
Interesting how most college teams seem to be better at tackling than we are. In the bowl games, you'll see one or two missed tackles on a play, but not the 5-6 we seem to make a habit of on defense... sad.gif
There just may not be any franchise QBs in the upcoming draft. This may be a good year to trade down and work on the lines.
Smith's performance wasn't helped by having to play catch-up in heavy snow conditions in the 2nd half, but the real culprit was the WVA defense, which couldn't stop the Syracuse running attack as the weather deteriorated.
He'll still probably get drafted in the 1st given the QB class. There's definitely no Luck or RGIII quality QB this year.
QUOTE (TGryn @ Dec 29 2012, 10:04 PM) *
There's definitely no Luck or RGIII quality QB this year.

I get what you're saying...but there rarely are. Luck was considered the most polished QB prospect of all time. RGIII is obviously a freak. With that said, he didn't even clearly solidify himself as a top-2 pick until very late in the season.
Smith's numbers are incredible. I know that doesn't mean too much, but he's proven worthy of early first round consideration. Will be interesting to see how the post season stuff plays out. The poor performance today could help give us a shot at landing him, if the FO deems him worthy.
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