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Full Version: Another Huge Letdown
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Bocadelphia Eagles John
When the schedule first came out there it was, away to Tampa Bay. So the kid in me starts planning to get to that one because it's in my neck of the woods.

And here it is, being played this coming weekend. And what will I do ? I will stay put and hope for a loss. To me, the only thing we are playing for is the highest possible pick in the draft. I don't care if they lose out. I WANT them to lose out. But I'm not paying ANY money to watch them do it. If any games are aired locally in my viewing area, fine, I might, I say MIGHT watch. But otherwise .... spit ... I know I might have better things to do.

To enjoy any football there's still local high school. I hope to get to the Naples v Central (Miami) div 6A semi-final for the state championship. The kids will be playing for something worthy and the stadium is 15 minutes away from my place. And although it won't make up for any huge disappointment I carry over the Eagles, it should be fun to do. I expect there will be a good sized crowd for such a relatively high profile local event. I live in Naples now. Moved here in August.

And no way to I mess with my handle. Naplesdelphia Eagles John doesn't cut it. So Boca it is. It's my legit alter ego.

It sucks when you look forward to a high school game more than you do to the Eagles coming to town the very same weekend. And as for the Army/Navy annual, I'm not too excited about that one but might sneak a peek if I'm not involved in anything more pressing.

It's the curse I tell ya ...
QUOTE (Bocadelphia Eagles John @ Dec 6 2012, 04:32 AM) *
It's the curse I tell ya ...

Well, you may be spotting a bit from the curse but I've got tickets to the game on Sunday and I'm going! How's that for dedication and support of my team, I'm traveling 1,200 miles to see a train wreck ... possible train wreck. Maybe it'll be a good game and I'll be the voice in the wilderness.

The truth is that I have meetings in Orlando starting Monday so I decided in August to meet my daughter in Tampa and go to the game. It's supposed to be an interesting stadium and I hope they have good beer. cool.gif
Yeah, my friends and I--all die-hard Eagles fans--had planned on going to this game since it's only 3ish hours away but none of us wants to go now. Can't justify spending money on a team that just doesn't care.
Bocadelphia Eagles John
QUOTE (Rick @ Dec 6 2012, 06:24 AM) *
Yeah, my friends and I--all die-hard Eagles fans--had planned on going to this game since it's only 3ish hours away

Hey Rick ... me too as far as distance .. I live in Naples ... whereabouts are you ?
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