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Full Version: A win tonight and were right back in it!!!
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With an offensive line that is starting to gel!!! (Or is that an offensive line made of jello?)

A future Hall of Fame quarterback who throws the ball with pinpoint accuracy!!!

A couple of great running backs that will finally get their chance to shine now that Shady isnt standing in their way!!!

And a bold, innovative coaching staff that has been holding back just to suck other teams into thinking that they and the players on this team really fucking blow, and are now about to unleash pure hell on their opponents, and take it right into the playoffs!!!

Okay. Fuck it. Its actually the start of the 2013 pre-pre-season.

OTAs are right around the corner!!!
Just think, if you win tonight you can look forward to playing Dallas in the Woebegone Bowl next week. The winner of the Woebegone Bowl gets to string it's pitiful fans through another week of that hope-induced circle of hell known as "mathematically alive", while the rest of the league looks on and shakes their head.
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