On the face of it, on Monday night we're playing one of the few teams with a worse record than the Eagles. However, looking at their schedule they've only been blown out twice (to the Giants and Denver), took both Atlanta and Chicago to the brink (losing to both on last-second FGs), and beat the Saints and the Redskins. In their last game, they blew an 11 point lead in the last five minutes then lost in OT to the Bucs.

Looking at their standings so far, their rushing offense is only middle of the road - surprising considering they have two good RBs in Williams and Stewart and a running threat QB in Cam Newton - and Newton's hasn't really been right all year, with currently 9 TD and 10 INTs passing and a passer rating of only 79.0. Vick's numbers by contrast are 11 TDs-9 INTs - 79 rating. They also have a lot of players (10) on IR, so injuries have been an issue for them. Also of concern for them has been that Newton hasn't taken losing well, and instead of rallying the team as a leader has been a source of divisiveness and controversy. Pro Bowl WR Steve Smith remains their top passing target (44 receptions 710 yds) even at age 33. On defense, the headliners are #59 LB Luke Kuechly (remember him from this past draft?) and #95 DE Charles Johnson (8.5 sacks).

In all, it seems like a team that is struggling and just hasn't figured out how to win close games yet, which is different from the Eagles and Jets where the wheels have completely come off and Murphy's law is in full effect. However, you are what your record says you are, and 2-8 is still 2-8.

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