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Full Version: Trying to stay positive...
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Ok, over the last 7 games the Eagles play two teams with better than .500 records...the Giants and the (believe it or not) Bucs. If they're going to pull out of this hard nosedive they're in, this is the season to do it. This is such a soft schedule.

Trying to stay positive....
I get the feeling a majority of fans are hoping they don't, such is the animosity towards Andy. unsure.gif
Bocadelphia Eagles John
QUOTE (Rick @ Nov 16 2012, 07:17 AM) *
If they're going to pull out of this hard nosedive they're in

And then what ? Make the playoffs ?

Puhlease !
I'm all for making a run to the play-offs. I would rather be there than not be there. However, the likelihood of doing so is very slim, so i temper my expectations. I expected us to finish the season with double digit wins and a play-off berth. An early post season departure was also part of my expectations.

It's sad to see Big Red limping along and his team looking so disorganized and disinterested.
I think ya'll still have several more wins in you, and I won't be surprised if one of those wins are against the Giants. I know that a team is who their record says they are, but at the same time I couldn't help but watch our game last week and think I was watching The Underachiever Bowl...two teams who should be at least better than THIS. And sadly, I think much of both our problems come from upstairs.

At least in yall's case, the problem isn't necessarily the owner himself. And that leaves room for hope.

At some point, I would think Lurie would have to remind himself that football is primarily about entertainment...and his fans are now so un-entertained that they are literally hoping for losses in order to get rid of the current coaching. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before. I would think he has to take note of that, just because it's so unprecedented.
I'm all for making a run to the play-offs

I'm all for ending this farce.

We are not a playoff team, and are not a contender. What's the point of going 9-7 only to get annihilated in the first round? Let's end this shit and start over fresh. Better times will come.
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