Where to start? First off, this defense was better with Castillo. They are a fucking joke right now. Blowing coverage, missing tackles, ect ect. I feel bad for the guy, he was treated like a stooge. I think Andy fired him to save his own job. Vick is obviously way past his prime. The thing that made him special was the ability to extend a play and make a 1st down With his legs when anyone else would get sacked or throw the ball away....he's no longer that guy. Andy Reid, if he hasn't completely lost the locker room, he will soon. That's usually the only time a head coach gets fired mid season. I think he's a good coach, but let's face it, his son died of a heroin overdose in preseason. How could anybody do their job with no kind of regression after something like that? The guy needs to take time off and spend it with his family. Being an nfl head coach is not good for him right now. He even looks different since that happened, his voice sounds different in the press conferences. The guy has major issues that he needs to deal with before he can lead a group of men. Some say "gruden will fix everything" I disagree. The longer a coach is out of the league, the worse it is for them. Take a look at joe Gibbs, didn't even know the damn rules when he came back. He iced a kicker twice, got penalized and it probably cost them the game. I say start from the ground up with players, coaches, management ect. Start trading these high dollar worthless free agent acquisitions like Nnamdi and drc for higher draft positions and build a team for years to come. Championship teams are not built in free agency, and you can't put faith in a coaching staff year after year that still produces shit.