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Full Version: This Team Has Just Beaten Me Down
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You guys know I've been here for quite a while.

We have a Monday night game at N.O. and I just can't get up for it.

Yeah, it's election week and I've been buried in politics lately but still.

I went from only the second time in my life saying we would win the SB (first time being prior to the game in '80), to having no enthusiasm whatsoever.

I used to live and die by every game. Read every word in every Eagles article. Read and reply to every Eagle post here. Listen to sports talk non stop.

This organization, this coaching staff and this group of players who I have no affinity for have just sucked the life out of me.

I will hopefully be out watching at a bar somewhere. The fact that it's Sunday and I don't have my plans etched in stone speaks volumes. Lately, at least if I stay home, I can channel surf if it gets out of hand.

Maybe a win tomorrow against the 2-5 Saints will recharge the batteries.

Does anyone else feel this way?
Bocadelphia Eagles John
I only slightly agree with you.

Level of Agreement .... 2 million percent.

Ah, make that 3.

Cliche as it sounds, this is the fucking game of the season. Giants lost, Dallas lost, we have a shot to get to 4-4 and 1.5 games back, with the Giants having a pretty absurd schedule to finish the season. A win Monday night at least keeps things interesting for another week, a loss is killer.
Dude, just imagine having Jerry Jones as your GM. Then remember that you don't.

Feel better?
QUOTE (Dreagon @ Nov 5 2012, 12:34 AM) *
Dude, just imagine having Jerry Jones as your GM. Then remember that you don't.

Feel better?
Yes. One of the great things about having you around (besides the fact that you're a decent guy) is that you remind us that it could be worse.
I still am invested in this season only because either way it goes, I'll get what I want. If the Eagles are able to perform up to not only their abilities but also expectations and go on a run, who knows. Surely Tom Coughlin can understand being on a hot seat and Giants fans could not have imagined their first Eli led Superbowl being in the future until late in the year.

However, if the team continues its piss poor effort, sloppy play, and general ineptitude... walrus man is gone, Vick is gone, and we can see what new blood will do with a roster seemingly filled with a bunch of "me" players.

Win tomorrow...we are in the thick of things with a very manageable schedule. Lose...and its on to basketball for me. Oh Bulls are toast anyways.
I'm with you Mikey. I've been losing interest in this team for a few years now. My problem is I've gone from just not caring to actual contempt. I'm so freaking tired of this regime that I hope they lose every game badly for the rest of the season. I want Andy gone that much...
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Nov 4 2012, 10:21 PM) *
Does anyone else feel this way?

Probably Andy Reid, and most of the players.
It's not just you. I'm feeling the same way. In no mood to read any articles about the Eagles, don't even feel like look over all 22 film to see where the problems with this team lies. Frankly I'm disgusted with the same shit different year where Andy at least from the outside does not improve his playcalling. There was a stat last night on SNF where Mike Smith was 42-0 when going into the 4th qtr with a 6+ point lead. Prior to this year Mike Smith has never had a defense better than the one in Philly. That stat alone just shows Andy can't get it done as a pro coach on this level because he doesn't value the running game and defense.

The front office deserves a lot of blame too. I mean last year's draft is looking worse than ever, fireman looks more like a bust than ever. Why did they support Andy's hiring of Juan and allow him to vacation during that whole fiasco? Special teams doesn't have any players that want to play or have talent to play. Vick while not the sole problem with this team is obviously not the future. Why is he not accountable when he has a multi turnover game? Now Vick claims he will not longer hold back, I'm looking for the multi turnover games to return.
I still feel like we're going to win the NFC East Division. The Eagles always wait until there's absolutely nothing left to lose before they start playing actual football
Hope so, but I thought they would win it last year but the team shit the bed.
D Rock
I'm spending more of my sports fan time reading about the sixers and simply can not stomach any more "reports" about this iggles team. I don't think I've ever cared less. I'm sick of this brand of quarterbacking. I'm sick of this coaching regime's philosophy. I'm sick of the constant 'chicken vs. the egg' arguments with this crew. I'm just sick of it all.

I'm finding a total lack of entertainment in the concept of the philadelphia eagles right now. I've not been able to say that EVER in my 43 years of support.
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