Makes a guy feel good about football. Watching some outstanding play today in a number of Collegiate games.

Glad to have something to take the sting out of watching the pathetic Eagles this season.

Thanks to NCAA. If it weren't for some great teams, playing great ball, making great plays, pulling out some victories when it looked it wouldn't happen, the college kids showed how to keep playing, giving it their all, playing till the final second.

Eagles on the other hand, make me sick. I'm fed up with these decades of lousy results.

An empty trophy case is the true evidence of the worth of this franchise. Worthless is the word that comes to mind.

Thank God for NCAA because otherwise as it stands now, I would totally hate football and not watch any games at all.

I wish Lurie would sell the team to someone who really would do whatever it took to build a championship team that actually would win the trophy. We need a complete overhaul from the very top all the way down.

I've been bummed about the Eagles before. But never, ever, has it been this bad. Today as I was watching some genuinely exciting football games I was forced to consider this huge difference. There is NO JOY in watching Eagles play against anyone. I wouldn't care if they lost every game left this year, or even if they just threw in the towel and forfeited.

They stink. Period.