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Is anyone going into work Monday?

I'm hoping not to have to otherwise I wouldn't have myself up at 1:30 AM!!
Center City office closed for me today, and possibly tomorrow.
You guys be careful! Hurricanes are dangerous. I know there is a temptation to go "witness the storm" if you don't get them very often but they really can get you in trouble faster than you think. If you can evacuate away from the ocean, please do!
I'm leaving the office in a few minutes to go home.

It wasn't bad coming in this AM. winds were only about 20 mph, steady rain.

The winds are due to kick in close to 40 mph shortly so I'd rather get home before all of that stuff.

Play it safe . God Speed to you folks. Keep us posted.
Gov Corbett just closed all of the highways in Phila area until after 2 AM!


On my way home from work coming up I-95, a 10ft box truck was about three car lengths in front of me one lane to my left. A wind gust pushed him into my lane big time. If I was next to him he would have hit me going 50 mph.

And that was when the wind was about 20 mph less.

How are the Va -Dc folk doing?
Hope everyone is safe over there.
Reality Fan
just 60 miles north of you Mikey and this is the first storm in 4 years where I didn't lose power at all.....the local utitily has over 500,000 without power and they are saying it is the worst they have ever seen up house took no damage so I was lucky this time
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