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Full Version: Congrats Hunter Pence and BOOOO Eagles
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Bocadelphia Eagles John
I neither like SanFran nor hate Detroit, and so this world series passed by without me watching as much as one inning.

But I'm glad for Hunter Pence that he got a ring, and contributed to the Giants' post season performance including the Series.

I always appreciated watching Pence in Phillies red. His whacky batting style was something that was fun to watch.

I'm glad for him.

Meanwhile, my Eagles smell up the joint. Like a bag of dead fish left to rot in the sun. Today we saw a for real, good team, beat up on a team that isn't producing bupkus. Except for a couple of guys, it looks like the entire team is lost.

The amazing thing is, there's still time to turn this thing around. I have no reason to feel they can do that. But the number of NFC East games we still have to play for, plus add a few more wins and, you never know. My heart isn't in it when I write that , but it is the reality. And a long shot. And I don't believe my own words there. But .... this is a very strange team. Playing in a very strange way.
Hunter was a good guy. Congrats to him. Too bad Reuben traded him, just for the sake of doing something. Kind of like what Andy did with Juan during the bye.
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