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Full Version: Blame Game Fantasy League
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One of the websites that helps me keep my sanity during football season ( has something called the 'blame game fantasy league' where everyone gets to pick who will get thrown under the bus to save Reid's job.

The top two contenders were Castillo and Vick - Castillo just won the league. But there's 10 whole games left.....who's next? Who will be the final sacrifice? Here are the current seedings:

1. Michael Vick - a.k.a. the fumblemaster. 11 turnovers through 6 games. In an offensive scheme designed to eliminate the position of running back, he's got to be considered the top seed in the blame game.

2. Jim Washburn - no sacks in 3 games. Eli Manning literally wasn't touched all game against us. Plus, him and Morningwood got into a bit of a tussle last year when supposedly Washburn yelled at him to call some running plays, no doubt drawing the ire of the walrus and his sidekick. He could be next in line.

3. Marty Morninwheg - if his QB throws 6 interceptions in a game, you better damn well believe he's not going to stop passing it (Detmer). Also, once chose to defer and kick to his opponent to start overtime. Inseparable from Reid - yet look for Andy to publicly take control of playcalling in the next few weeks, potentially setting up Marty for sacrifice if we win a couple games.

4. Todd Bowles - think Reid won't throw TWO DCs under the bus in one season? Bowles IMO is a legit Dc and HC candidate, he might very well be the guy that takes Reid's place next year - the walrus knows this. Todd better perform.....

Also in the hunt:

Christina Lurie
Howie Roseman
Joe Banner (retroactively)

*edit holy shit, I forgot about Bobby - our special teams have certainly sucked ass this year too
D Rock
Correction: Vick has 13 turn overs in 6 games.
QUOTE (D Rock @ Oct 16 2012, 11:30 AM) *
Correction: Vick has 13 turn overs in 6 games.

Wow. He really sucks.
D Rock
QUOTE (HOUSEoPAIN @ Oct 16 2012, 04:52 PM) *
Wow. He really sucks.

He's got 13 turn overs and what? 7 Touchdowns? Yup. He REALLY sucks.
D Rock
also re: Morningwood....

Remember that hilarious bit of theater he tried to pull as HC in Detroit where he threw a tantrum and walked out of practice riding off on his hog in a huff?

Literally EVERYONE was laughing their ass off at this fucking DWEEB of a coach tryin to play tough guy. He lost his Lions team with that unintended comedy routine.

Fuck Mary Morningwood.
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