...in all aspects. The coaching job yesterday was, well, I don't even know how to describe it. Yet again, McCoy doesn't get the ball. Does Reid know he's got a very good RB?

Vick, what can you say? Just a turnover machine EVERY game.

The defense plays great for 3 quarters then stops playing... No heart at the end of the game.

Special teams is laughable although I did see them FINALLY start staying in their lanes in the second half. But we have the worst punter ever...still.

I really just don't get it. I know they don't normally fire a coach in the middle of the season but I really wish they'd fire Reid for this shitty coaching job he's doing this year. Honestly, other than FINALLY throwing the slants, he called one of the worst games I've seen him call yet.

I just don't get it....