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Mr. Bonko
Which do we prefer:

1) To have the best chance possible with the current roster to win the SB
2) To have the best chance to make the playoffs with the current roster w/ NO chance of winning the SB.

That's the difference between Vick and Foles. At least with Foles, we have a a 0.000000000000000000000001% chance of winning the SB.
Since we keep bringing up Foles, here's how I see Foles debut going:

He comes in mid-game due to Michael Vick taking a stinger/hard shot...
The entire Anti-Vick fanbase explodes with glee because the second coming of Tom Brady is taking the field...
Foles hikes the ball, half a second later there's a DE in his face because our O-Line is porous and made of human turnstiles...
Foles doesn't have anywhere near the mobility of Vick but he'll try to escape anyways, he has no choice...

Much like our old friend Kolb here
Unable to flee his pursuer he takes a dirt nap...

Given that one play, the Eagles fanbase will have enough information to make a judgment on Foles entire carer....
Vick comes back into the game and everyone comes to the realization that only mobile QBs can have any success in Andy's offense (McNabb, Garcia, Vick) because without their feet they can't keep the play alive long enough to develop. Soon as Andy tries to change his mobile QB into a pocket QB is the moment their play declines. (2010 Vick = Mobile QB - 2011 Vick = Pocket Passer)

Our Quarterback wears a vest used to stop bullets and small incendiaries just so he can stay alive through a game . Every QB under Reid has been plagued with injury. Every QB under Reid takes the most hits in the NFL. Foles would be nothing more then fodder. I pray he doesn't have to come in this season and ruin his career before it gets started.
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