This game reminds me of the Bills game last year, where we beat ourselves but in the process finally solved the problems that were vexing us.

What killed us early in the season last year was mainly our defense. In the Bills game last season we continued with our porous D until the second half where after 4 and a half games, the light finally went on for us. We outplayed the Bills in the second half but just couldn't overcome our earlier mistakes.

This game really was the same thing. This year it hasn't been our defense that's been killing us but rather turning the ball over and to a (much)lesser extent, bad pass protection. We stayed with that in the first half, giving the ball up 3 times which led to 14 Cardinals points and cost us at least 6. That swing ended up being the difference.

But in the second half, even though we were trying to come back we were finally able to take care of the football. Our Oline started blocking better too. We struggled with blitzes up the middle but that isn't too surprising considering our Center was making his first start.

After the Bills game last year we went 7-4. I fully expect us to go at least 8-5 over the rest of this season, maybe better.