Right now, the Phillies have 65 wins, which ties them with the Brewers for the 12th-worst record in MLB. We'd ideally want them to drop a little further than that, into the bottom 10. Here's why:

Under the new MLB FA rules, teams that sign a top free agent are required to give up their 1st round pick in the MLB draft. However, the top 10 picks are "protected" so that teams in the bottom 10 who sign a major FA only have to surrender their second-highest pick (which is usually going to be a 2nd rounder). Basically, if you want the Phillies to sign a guy like Bourn and also not have to give up their best shot at a major prospect for the farm system, you'd like to see them dip into that bottom-10 region, which right now is at 62 wins. Those extra 3-4 wins aren't going to help the team next year, but a major FA might, and adding a bigtime prospect would help the farm system replenish itself. Be nice if we could do both, rather than have to choose one or the other.