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Full Version: Condolences Andy and Family
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Andy and Family,
My deepest heart felt condolences go out to you and all around you. Our prayers are with you during this difficult time and always.

Bruce Williams and family
North Carolina
ugh. this is just awful, especially given the scares Andy had with Garrett a few years ago.
what has happend?
QUOTE (Birdman420 @ Aug 5 2012, 02:41 PM) *
what has happend?

Garrett Reid found dead this morning in his room at Lehigh. No suspicious activity or suicide suspected.

godspeed Andy and your family, as a 50 yr Cowboys fan, im doing this strictly out of respect for a great coach in the nfl.
QUOTE (gone @ Aug 5 2012, 06:40 PM) *
godspeed Andy and your family, as a 50 yr Cowboys fan, im doing this strictly out of respect for a great coach in the nfl.

Thank you
No matter who's team or what one supports when we have a loss we all need to come together and support those involved.
One of my cousins had a similar "bad" background to Garrett's, eventually got off the drugs in his 40s, but they found him dead in bed a year or so later (Garrett was obviously younger than that). In some cases, the damage the hardcore stuff does to your body follows you the rest of your life, even if you get clean and don't touch it again. So, while the obvious first speculation will be that he OD'ed, its entirely possible it was some preexisting condition that his past drug use just made more likely to surface.

Terrible thing, considering by all accounts he had turned his life around. Its really impossible to know how this will affect Andy long-term, after the shock wears off: losing a kid is one of those events that can divide everything in life into before-and-after.
I wouldn't supprise me if andy retired after this year to spend the remainder of his life with the remainder of his family and he should be praised for what he has done in philly with or without the trophy.
I've been critical of Reid's coaching in recent years, but at such a tragic time he has my full support as well as condolences.
Prayers are with the Reid family.

Although he may not seem it, some who know Andy say he is a great guy.

Looking at the pain of Jeffrey and Howie yesterday, you can see the love they have for Andy, as well as the reactions of the players.

I can't imagine the pain he and his wife are feeling. I've had plenty of experience with death, but they say the death of a child is the most difficult of them all. As a father of three, I can't fathom the hurt they must feel.

God bless the Reid family during this difficult time.
I just got back from vacation and heard about this. My deepest sympathies to both Andy Reid and all his family. He is one of the classy coaches in a sport that could really use more classy people.
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