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Full Version: Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick Will Win Super Bowl
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The Dream Team.

America's Team.

The A -Team.

There is one original, and the rest are imitators. The expression "dream team" wrongfully attached itself to the Philadelphia Eagles last preseason.

Michael Vick stayed on the field for 13 regular season games, yet the Eagles failed to make the playoffs.

The requisite qualification for being considered a dream team is perfection. Total dominance.

In today's NFL, total perfection is unachievable. The New England Patriots pulverized opponents in the 2007 regular season, and made their way to the Super Bowl. But they lost the big game.

There's no reason to label any NFL football team a dream team.

The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only reasonable comparison to 1992 U.S. Mens Basketball Team. Which is the equivalent of comparing pineapples to meatballs. Both great, yet completely different.

The Philadelphia Eagles raced off to a terrible start in the 2011 season. The team picked to win the NFC East in 2011 put up an embarrassing 1-4 record over the first five weeks of the season.


They were in a tailspin, running out of their heads. The Eagles coughed out a .500 record over the next four games. Michael Vick missed Week 11-13, and returned to his team saddled with a 4-8 record.

The Eagles were toast.

After his return, Vick and the Eagles came alive. In Week 14-17 the team obliterated opposing teams, winning their final four games impressively.

@ Miami (26-10)
vs. New York Jets (45-19)
@ Dallas (20-7)
vs. Washington (34-10)
The Eagles are going to be unbeatable in 2012. Vick showed his mental maturity and ability to make throws last season. He threw for 18 touchdowns over 13 games, and still has the mobility to make defenses pay for dropping too far into coverage.

Head coach Andy Reid knows he can trust Vick to win down the stretch, and Vick's proven his style of football can be successful late in the season. The key is keeping Vick on the field and free of injury.

If Vick is healthy when the Eagles start the playoffs, no defense in the league will be able to game plan for him. 2012 is the year Vick, Reid and the Eagles take home the trophy.
So because we beat 4 teams in a row with a combined record of 27-37, no defense will be able to plan for Vick this year.

Thank you Spadaro
QUOTE (HOUSEoPAIN @ Jul 25 2012, 09:45 AM) *
So because we beat 4 teams in a row with a combined record of 27-37, no defense will be able to plan for Vick this year.

Thank you Spadaro

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