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Full Version: Great article from ex-NFL player, Ryan Riddle
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We only see the surface...
QUOTE (_KAMELOT_ @ Jun 22 2012, 12:00 PM) *

Thanks. Very interesting article.

I always thought the best way for these UDFA and low picks guys to approach it is to think of it as a internship with a very high salary for very favorable working hours (on a annual basis). Bank most of what you make the first two years as a good nest egg for your next real profession and if it turns into more than a two year stint, you can then proceed like someone who has a NFL career, knowing all the while, you're one hit away........
Makes me glad I'm old, slow and stupid.
i recently watched '2 Days in April' which is doc following 4 middle of the road players from senior bowl>>>combine>>>pro days>>> draft (2 days in april)

i recommend it if you enjoyed 'Hoop Dreams' many years ago. it too shines a light on the darker side of trying to be a nfl star

while i recognize that playing football is not all glitz and glam...i find that players who are blindsided by the reality of trying to make an NFL team are only naive because they choose to be. as the article stated they were often state champion of this or the school record holder of that so why give a second of thought to being a "bubble guy"

my sister in law dated a guy who got booted from a a NFL practice squad due to knee injuries (his story) so i heard some of this kind of stuff from him

i think even anthony gargano wrote a book about this too

the question remains ...if this author had such a hard time, would he do it over again?

the answer remains.....of course he would

stories like this dont make me feel sorry for the players who are taking their shot at the big time or happy for the ones that succeed. i enjoy it because its strictly informational IMO

I don't feel very sorry either, but this story shows that there are bad things about playing in the NFL too and probably they are more than the good ones.
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