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"In a seismic shift in the Eagles organization, Joe Banner is no longer the team's president.

Banner, who has been a member of the Eagles' front office since his childhood friend, Jeffrey Lurie, purchased the team in 1994, will become a strategic adviser to the owner."


Anyone here saw that coming??
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This is a shocker. I thought that as long as Lurie owned the team Banner would be his guy. I guess Joe wants to prove he can run a team too, as owner.

If Howie learned the cap lessons well then everything should be OK in Eagleland. In fact, I've wanted Banner to stop being a spokesman forever. This is an interesting development.
Reality Fan
I agree Z...a shock....
He's a master at salary cap manipulation, but I never liked how he dealt with aging superstars and long time staples of the team. Sure, it's a business, but that doesn't mean he had to be so impersonal.
I'm sure WIP is having one of their 'happier' days in existence, as far as fan phone calls go.....
Jerome Brown Experience
Ugh. Could this be related to us bringing in Tom Donohoe?

People will never appreciate how good Joe Banner has been at his job. The Eagles have made very few mistakes in who they have let go on his watch and the team has been very competitive for an unreal amount of time. Not a real media friendly guy obviously but the media never tried to understand what he did, nor did they ever go back and say " know when we crucified you for.......yeah, we were WAY off base on that one." They just kept going back to the well.
Had to read the headline twice.

Overall I think he did a good job for us, but made enough faux pas that even he would acknowledge count against him.
i think banner did what the eagles needed him to do in that job.....the 'money guy' is always less than popular

Lurie's mistake was letting the money guy speak so often as the voice of the FO
Flying Dutchman
Joey B did his job on the financial side both with the organization and with the cap with excellent results. He was a complete turd with the public. This we now know is really a succession plan that has been in the works for some time. Without it they would have lost their two brightest internal stars. Banner has clearly set his sights on being an owner himself and seems well on his way to pull it off.
I never liked Banner. Only in sports craved Philly could the owner allow Banner and Reid to be the spokespeople for the organization and still have endless sellouts. There's speculation that Lurie's desire to be more image conscious was a factor here. Think about it, if you're not firing Andy, an organization needs someone to be fan friendly to offset Andy's insulting public persona (national media character changes excluded). Howie is much better at doing fan friendly.

Banner would always tell you how good the organization was. A few memorable infamous Banner moments from my archives:

1. In the early days (94-97), he orchestrated the strategy during free agency to be fiscally prudent, thinking that the new television deal would decrease revenues and a plethora of free agents would be cut by cap strapped teams, and the Eagles would be there with plenty of cap space to sign all of the stars cut by teams like Dallas and SF. Problem was, the TV contract renewed with huge increases and the free spending teams held on to their players and we were stuck holding a bunch of cap space and declining talent during the late Rhodes years.

2. Around 2001 or so, he is credited with finding a loophole in the salary cap which allowed us to move cap space forward to use in future years without the "use it or lose it" philosophy employed by the rest of the NFL. In public he spoke as if the Eagles were spending the money on players when really they were not spending it all, but haucking it forward. Not a bad strategy (aside from lying about it) but I think once again, he failed to see the big picture, that soon others would follow and that the team need to pounce on free agents to get the advantage while they had the cap advantage to do so, and that by waiting and not stocking up as much as they should have, they missed an opportunity to make the team stronger and in that string of real good NFC contenders, they could perhaps have gotten a ring out of the deal.

3. Told us fans that we were "patently irresponsible" to be skeptical of their reasons for determining that the hoagie was indeed a weapon of mass destruction and should be banned from the Linc. After a public outcry, the team reversed their policy. Banner's people skills were instrumental in "calming" the public.

4. Was very "smooth" in dealing with public issues of no water fountains in the upper levels of the Linc, and some issues regarding payment plans for the seat licenses.

5. In a WIP interview arranged with the Eagles Housman of the Airwaves Howard Eskin designed to be a public relations boost, told a fan who was critical of the Eagles that if he was unhappy, that the fan should cheer for another team. Classic Banner.

6. In about the only thing he said that I identified positively with, his post NFCCG LOSS IV comments that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. He hit the nail on the head and expressed my feelings that day perfectly.

7. The way he handled the Dawkins negotiations was unforgiveable. They were right most times in letting older stars go, but the miss here was huge for both competitive and morale reasons. To his credit, Banner was very honest and self reflective about his role and regret in this matter. (as relayed in newspaper stories).

8. Add the comments that we were as good of an organization as the Steelers to the string of piss me off comments.

That being said, the fact that they put him as company spokesmen is on Lurie. To use a Reidism, they didn't put him in the best position to succeed. Banner could have said everything he said in a back office while having a Dave Montgomery type to handle the public and it would have been fine. However, I think Banner's ego wanted to be front and center, to his detriment.

Sure, the NFL monopoly with it's hard cap is a fool proof system to making a lot of money. Sure, having that franchise in the football crazed city of Philadelphia makes enormous profit even a higher likelihood, even though you will incur more wrath and more love than anywhere else. With all that being said, Joe Banner was perhaps the most responsible person in taking this franchise from the 200+ million worth to the 1+ billion worth it has today. Jeff Lurie and his heirs should be thankful eternally for his work. Even though I'm not a fan of his, he was instrumental in creating a fundamentally sound stable organization that, with the help of many others, gave us a very good run of high quality football in this town. This year could be the year for that ever elusive SB win and it would be a shame that he wouldn't be here for it.

More importantly in life, Banner does a ton for the Eagles charities and City Year and while not publicized that much, this may be his most important achievement. His worked has helped many.
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