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Full Version: The Special Side of this Team
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Flying Dutchman
Fans, depending on their half full/half empty orientation debate the pros and cons of our O and D. Little to nothing has been said however about that "other" team, that "special" one. I have to like even this pp ie. poof piece, by Bo Wulf on the EMB because he at least starts the conversation. I have been especially worried about our continual lack of a return game but April's comments on Brandon Boykin and Demaris Johnson among others have been enough to light my rocket. Having an incendiary returner (without having to unecessarily use DJ) is super important to having a top team.
"Brandon Boykin "does both (kick and punt returns) and is very good at both," said April. "We have quite a few guys. I mean we have some weapons. Damaris Johnson was a fantastic player at Tulsa, had a fantastic career at Tulsa. So we've got some options between those two guys who have just come in. Cliff Harris is a tremendous punt returner. We've got Ron Johnson here who we liked a year ago, we didn't draft him San Francisco did, but we were able to pick him up. He's done a very good job here. He was a good returner coming out of USC, I really liked him ... Mardy Gilyard. Chad Hall. We've got Dion Lewis. So we've goant some good returners. And then there are a couple young guys that maybe are a little off the radar because they weren't drafted or whatever, but there are some guys who I think could compete and do well given the opportunity."

I'm optimistic (Opti Mystic?) about Boykin at PR, but didn't realise that he was also very good at KRs.
QUOTE (Eyrie @ Jun 3 2012, 04:17 AM) *
I'm optimistic (Opti Mystic?) about Boykin at PR, but didn't realise that he was also very good at KRs.

I am Opti Mystic biggrin.gif and I'm looking forward to watching these young returners fight for a spot on the roster.
Someone needs to step up. Even with the new contract, I suspect we don't want to use DJax as the regular PR anymore in order to keep him healthy. With the new KO rules pushing lots of kickoffs into touchbacks, having a devastating KR isn't quite the need it used to be, but it would be good to have a guy who was at least a threat to get it past the 20 every time.
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