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Full Version: Shady signed through 2017!
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Sweet, sweet, and sweet again!
at least we don't have any major distractions going into this year.

This offseason has been so boring compared to last seasons, but that is probably a good thing. It isn't enough to get a bunch of good players, especially in a sport like football where teamwork is all. You need to assimilate the players into the system and get rid of the dead weight (Vince Young).

I'm still sort of pessimistic about this year.
QUOTE (Birdwatcher @ May 17 2012, 07:02 PM) *

QUOTE (koolaidluke @ May 18 2012, 02:42 AM) *
I'm still sort of pessimistic about this year.

Why I find that a positive thing?
That is great news.

I am actually more excited about this year than last. I know last year's free agency is viewed as a bust by many but I think it is really going to pay off this year. Starting with last year this defense has added Asomugha, Rogers-Cromartie, Jenkins, Babin and Ryans. Couple that with the drafting of Cox, Kendricks and Curry and this defense has been completely overhauld from 2 seasons ago.

There are also rumors that the Eagles are close to signing Yeremiah Bell. He is a bit older but still an upgrade over what we have.

September cannot get here soon enough.
Another piece of good news in what has been almost an ideal offseason.
Jerome Brown Experience
Love it. I am glad that:

1) The Eagles have locked in their major free agents at this point so we should not have drama this season (unless Maclin becomes an issue, which shouldn't happen)
2) The Eagles and Drew Rosenhaus seem to have put 2005 to bed. They each worked over the last 10 weeks to make each other look good. Rosenhaus is a tool, but all agents are tools and in 2005 he was working with one of the hardest humans to talk common sense into on the planet. It is hard to win in the NFL if you aren't willing to play nice at times with Drew Rosenhaus.
3) LeSean McCoy will be a Philadelphia Eagle throughout his productive career. The Duce Staley-Brian Westbrook-LeSean McCoy feature back platform has been a great blessing for us (and yes, I did just put Duce Staley up there with the other two and yes I do know that that is ludicrous, but he was a better than average back and I will always remember him as being the guy who ran right towards me (and thousands of others...I was in the 8th row from the back in the 700 level.....) into the end zone to give me my greatest moment of elation as an Eagle fan. 4 hours before I sat in the parking lot with my head on the steering wheel trying to breathe for nearly 2 hours.).

Big fan. Big, big fan.
I too am I big Staley fan. In those dark years as Rhodes was heading out and Reid came in, Duce was one of the few players on offense that seemed to give it his all week in and week out. There was not much to cheer for at that point.
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