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Full Version: Interesting analysis of a Wide 9 MIKE
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You know me, a DKD and this guy flew way over my head with this but it's interesting reading and tells me that getting Ryans was more important to the defense than most DKD's realized. If this guy is on target, it won't matter if Ryans has lost some of his speed.
Wide-9 MIKEs make a ton of tackles but often look like they're not running very much. That's because they're not. They are running a few yards to the exact spot where they need to be to shed blocks and slow the play down. What you need to understand is that is isn't important for this player to be huge, fast, or scary. It's important for him to be right.

Found it here ...

2 long didn't read lol

It was an interesting write up but I disagree with his position that we didn't have a guy pre Ryans who could do this. Over the last 4 games of the season Chaney was playing at a top 10 level for a MIKE, both against the run and against the pass.

I'm not crazy about the Ryans move. We finally had our LBs settled at the end of last year and now we are changing things again? Remember what our D was like last year before we finally settled all our LBs into the right position? I don't want to go back to that. We can afford to give away a bunch of early games again.
You have to keep in mind Chaney had one of the worst injuries he can have as a LB. You don't want to play with neck injuries. On paper at least the team is so much stronger at LB. We have the perfect MLB short of Willis. Kendricks is a player and should push for the SLB. Rolle is a decent WLB but it sounds as if Matthews may be pushing him with his offseason work.
D Rock
Chaney has no bizniz starting in a wide 9 scheme. None. He's deficient in the cerebral department. All most as much so as folks who think he's a legit NFL starting linebacker.

Do you think Chaney can't play or just that he can't play in the wide 9?
D Rock
I would classify him as a quality backup or below average starter in a standard 4/3 set. In a wide 9 (an alignment predicated on quality linebacking), he's a complete liability.
Chaney as a top 10 mlb (even just over the last 4 games)?

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