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another toy for Washburn
Don't know anything about him but he looks a bit plodding in the clips on NFL Network. Mayock loves him and had him ranked 30th fwiw.
DE wouldn't have been my first choice here, but sounds like a good one. Question is whether we shift Tapp or Hunt to make room.

Here's Curry sacking Foles, the QB we drafted, in the Senior Bowl (high volume warning):
Dr. Claw
TGryn, real good skills shown in that last clip.

I can't imagine what it's like to be Vinny Curry. A real Eagle fan... who ended up being drafted by the Eagles.

I think he was yet another steal.

Again, as far as defense is concerned, Eagles get an A+ for this draft.
Curry is exactly what we are looking for in a DE. Explosive, relentless with a low center of gravity. In the same mold as Cole and Babin although he is unlikely to be nearly as good as either of those guys.

He is also strong enough to play inside if the Eagles want to do that.

I don't know if anybody else has noticed but we have been drafting much more talented players these last couple of years. They won't necessarily become good football players but we are definitely getting guys with serious athleticism and ability.

There have been a couple of exceptions: Casey Mathews last year was a clear example of a guy who was a much better football player than athlete and his ceiling is backup MLB/special teamer. We also took two OL this year who likewise mediocre athletes but are smart tough and hard playing. However, in Mudd's scheme athleticism may have less somewhat importance than conditioning, toughness, coachability and intelligence.

In the later rounds you can really tell that the Eagles are willing to gamble on good athletes that just haven't produced for whatever reason instead of taking marginal athletes that produced in College.

An "A" draft means you get 4 multi-year, quality players and don't believe we have had one of those since 2002 (Sheppard, Brown, Lewis, Westbrook, Brock -- actually that deserves an A+). So best case scenerio, 4 of the guys we picked up this weekend will work out. That kinda tempers the excitement.

But in that spirit, lets rate the drafts of the Reid Era... again:

99: McFraud, Welbourne 2 starters, but one ended up being a great QB for a few seasons, so a B instead of a C
00: Simon, Pinkston, Williams B
01: Burgess, Buckhalter, Feeley 3 quality players, but only 1 was a starter. C
02: Already mentioned. A+
03: Lame John, Hood, Mikell C+
04: Shawn Andrews D
05: Patterson, Herremens, Cole This is the draft that I really started noticing a change in the way the Eagles picked players. Good haul. B+
06: Bunkley, Gocong, Avant C
07: Kolb, Celek A "C+" if Kolb is able to finally stay healthy this year. Otherwise a D+.
08: Jackson, Mays, Demps, Dunlap, Jordan depends on how well Demps and Dunlap do down the road. As of now I'd give this draft a B-
09: Maclin, McCoy Only two guys, but they are both studs. B-
10: Graham, Allen, Cooper, Chaney, Harbor, Kafka, Clayton, Coleman Well we don't know about this one. A few guys have already washed out but we've seen a lot of potential from every guy on the list. If only half of them end up working out then it was the best draft since 2002. As of now it is probably an F as none have devoloped into quality starters, but I feel like I've seen improvement from all of them.
11: Way too early to tell. The only one who has played well so far is Rolle. Watkins has shown potential. Kelce blows but is wrongly regarded as good, he did show some improvement as the season went on, however. My suspicion is that Valdervalle is a piece of shit. Mathews sucks. I refuse to grade the drafting of a kicker. We know nothing about Jarrett or Marsh. Lewis appears to have some ability. Assuming Watkins and Rolle continue to develop, this draft is at least a C. Could be a B. Hell, it could end up being an A if Kelce, Lewis and either Jarrett or Marsh end up turning into something.

So by looking at our last two drafts, there is indeed potential that we got up to 5 good players out of this class. Our first 5 picks certainly do have tons of potential. Foles has all the tools but wasn't productive and had some injuries, Boykin has everything you look for but is considered too small so we got great value all the way through round 4. The other guys look like a bunch of jobbers but maybe one of them will surprise us.
oh my did KAL did say numba 5 was a great Qb...not good but great..damn what is going on? I must've been away for too long LOL
With Cox and Curry drafted, Washburn has more than 8 good linemen. I see 6 sacks per game next year.
Curry is a HUGE Eagles fan. What's interesting is that he's 23, which means he would have been around age 11-12 when we reached our first NFC Championship game under Reid. His heroes as a kid were probably McNabb, Duce, Westbrook, etc, and he've known no Eagles team whose head coach wasn't Andy Reid. He's heard of Reggie, and probably knows about guys like Jerome, Andre, Jaws, Randall, etc., but would have been too young to have seen them play live.

Time sure does fly.
The problem is that last year our DL was ATGesque in terms of pass rush. It basically can't get better but it can get a lot worse. Our line could get 15% fewer pressures/sacks and STILL be the best or one of the best in the league.

I expect Patterson to be better, but Landri and Jenkins to be worse. At least we won't have that useless sack of shit Trevor Laws anymore. Hopefully Cox can give us something. There should be at least some dropoff in the play of both Babin and Cole.

Parker is gone and you got to figure Tapp doesn't make the team so hopefully Graham, Hunt and Curry can between make up the production of those two guys between the 3 of them.
I am not sure if Tapp or Hunt should leave the team...
Reality Fan
I love the part where Curry didn't wan't camera crews in his house during the draft because he didn't want to take down his Eagles stuff.......what a story
Jerome Brown Experience
QUOTE (Reality Fan @ Apr 30 2012, 12:43 PM) *
I love the part where Curry didn't wan't camera crews in his house during the draft because he didn't want to take down his Eagles stuff.......what a story

That is awesome.
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