Hi there,

Basically I'm a huge Eagles fan living in England and sadly due to illness, I've missed the majority of games from the last two seasons. I'm currently rehabilitating and as I continue to regather my strength, I intend to rekindle my love for my true passion in life, the Eagles football team. What better way to spend the off-season? Although young and on a basic wage, I do my utmost to attend at least one game per season, I believe our team is worth the effort, plus it's always a treat to visit such a beautiful area.

Television coverage over here isn't great and my team isn't featured regularly. In order to catch up with the games throughout the past two seasons, I'm actually looking for a huge favour? Does any user on this forum record live Eagles games and keep them as a collection? If so, could you please find it in the kindness of your heart to make some copies for me? I would happily cover all costs (shipping, production + extra for effort if desired). This genuinely does mean the world to me, I think my passion for the game will pull me through.

Thanks ever so much for your time, your friend in England,