Today was one of them days. Everyday I check the horse page on a certain site just to see if they really ever deal there and every day nothing. Today I log on and bam!! There are contracts on the first race at Calder. So I start breaking it down and notice the marketmaker has the vig on the favorites with an adjusted price on the long shots. However, on one of the shorter odd horses, the 7th horse, he has with no vig, while all other "favorites" are underlayed. In fact he has it mispriced by .50 cents off the morning line. I buy everything he has (which wasn't much). By post the horse that I just bought at 5/1 is bet up to almost 3/2! All of this means nothing until the horse wins the damn thing, and just like that the first race at Calder is in the books.

So I get home and am thinking about laying some on the Chokies vs. the Mets. I send off a few offers way over fair at 58% and sell off the Mets. Next thing I know I get off a few buying the Mets -1.5 at 40%. Now I probably over payed here by about 2% but I end up selling the spread for 18% and it seemed fair for 16%. SO net I am ahead here about 3-5%. My risk is if the Mets win by only one run, otherwise I win either way. And so that was how it goes.