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Full Version: Does anyone here whatch foreign film
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Which translates into something like "Yo mamma too"

Mexican film about two white kids - one from an affluent family, the other just a leech to the affluent family - who send their girlfriends to Europe and look to seduce an unhappily married older cousin as they fool her into taking a trip to a beach that doesn't exist. Most of the movie takes place on their journey to the beach. It has some not so subtle underlying political theme about the disparity of classes in Mexico (boring), but most of it is about how the three bond, and become lovers. There are some funny parts - batt!!!11 that isn't what makes this movie worth watching. There are some seriously in-fuego scenes - the older cousin has a seriously kicking body, and rather than being seduced, she does all the seducing! Save for a near-homosexual scene near the end, this is good old fashioned, circa 78, rated R content and a reminder of the day when actors and actresses actually did nudity the way it is supposed to be done.

I give it 7 phonebooths.

That is all.
Donnie Mac
Hey Pila,
this was originally posted on the gambling board. Movie Reviews are allowed on the main board. cool.gif
No wonder I was looking for it and couldn't find it. I didn't even know you had a forum for gambling...?!
Another movie on my list, only a 150 to go.
Just porn cuz it really dont make a shit difference what they say anyway! COWBOYS SUCK!!
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