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Full Version: Spend your lives in sin and misery
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This is a celebration rather than a gambler's lament.

Take the Suns while the levy is rich, you won't see payouts like this on this team untl they return to Texas to face the Spurs, and then they'll be up against a much more talented team.

Suns +140 @ Dallas

I've watched this series rather closely and was not surprised in the slightest that Dallas stole game two. But the Suns are a far more talented team and are very well primed to win game three and/or game four.

Suns -165 to take series.

Load up at the House of the Rising Sun while the gettin's good is my advice.

So tell your children, TO DO what I have done.

Just curious, before I take your advice, can you send me a notorized history of your gambling activities and whether you're in the red or black? Gamblers are notorious for remembering their hits and forgetting their misses. tongue.gif

The posts in this forum are neither a confirmation or negation of any previous success. However, for validation purposes, readers may simply look at previous posts in this forum in order to make any and all determinations.

Without touting myself too much may I refer to the following links:

Needless to say, outside of the shocker in Kentucky, things have been good in the Cuz household lately.

btw, the management theory goes like this:

If you get 140 for every hundred on the suns and you LOSE then go again at relatively the same rate and win in game four you're up forty, no?

So a split at these rates favors the superior team on two nights in Dallas. Personally, I like it.

Best advice I can give is to watch the games and see why the Mavs won (I had them winning game two). Humilaition can be a strong motivator... but at a certain point, the cream rises to the top... in the House of the Rising Sun.

btw. Dallas is 2-1 this season in phoenix. 0-2 against the suns at home.
Do you have an internet sportsbook you recommend?
At the current time I use this one.

Since you've asked me before, and we seem to be getting alon, this is what I'm playing tonight.

In addition to Phoenix in NBA
I have Florida to win -119 @ San Diego in MLB
I also mixed the two money lines (+140 & -119) in a parlay that pays 3.14-1

don't blame me if they don't come in tho' they are my picks but your money...

won't let me sign up. Hmmmm.
Well then, spend your life in sin and misery in the house of the rising sun....

Did the Suns win last night? I saw part of it in a bar where my wife and I had gone for a few drinks . . . it was nip-and-tuck late in the 4th qtr.
Nip & Tuck?

That couldn't have been too late in the fourth.

Maybe it was late in the 3rd . . . in any even it was a 2pt Suns lead, then maybe to 4pts, then Dallas would cut it back to close again . . . did I mention it was in a BAR?


Congrats on the pick.
We need to hook up on one of those poker sites so that we degenerates can have some fun.

I bet football very often but I can't get into the other sports much. I bet on a non sweep in the Sixers-Lakers series a few years ago. I shorted Smarty Jones last year and I can't remember the last time I bet on baseball (just call me Pete Rose smile.gif )

I only play poker once or twice a year, same goes with craps and casino games in general.

I like scenarios where I can minimize chance below 40% and maximize winnings above that. This is why I stick to sports. I know enough about them to win more than I lose and when it comes to sports knowledge is king. I play Basketball, baseball, horses, golf, sometimes some football.

My issue with football is I don't particularly like spreads, futures and over/under wagering. Ask any horseman, it's all about picking winners.
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