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Full Version: Peaking at the Right Time?
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Sixers clinch playoff bid, they are shattering point spreads all accross Vegas, how bout a hand for Jim O'Brien... the guy we wanted and then didn't like so much even tho' he has accomplished the following in one fairly long season:

1) Got more production/respect from AI in his first season here by moving him to point guard of all places.

2) Got the "superstar big man to play with AI" that we've been waiting for forever.

3) Has the young players logging substantial minutes allowing them to grow into productive players.

4) Removed the dead weight from the roster.

5) Has them primed to give some mediocre Eastern Conference team a pretty serious scare in the first round.

I'd say that O'Brien has earned a level of respect that he had up until Portland cut loose Cheeks.

Now, what does this have to do with Wiseguys and Degenerates????

All good gamblers can easily put one and one together.

sory here's the link
I'm on my off-season for betting. Do me a favor, JC -- give me some "sure bets" to place in the baseball, basketball, and horse-racing worlds?
It's dificult for me to advertise the baseball bets I've been hitting on lately. I've been doing well playing pictching matchups and parlays.

I'm high on Wakefield (Bos), CHacin (Tor), Bonderman (Det), Livan Hernandez (Was.) and the Dodgers at home on Sundays.

Tonight I basically took terribly short odds with the Yanks figuring that Steinbrenner bitch slapped them into a big game... matched it with Peavy in SD at home against the Giants. Waiting on yahoo to show me some good news on that one.

Baseball is fun but there are a few key factors to look for. First, The red Sox have to be a consideration every night. As a Yankee fan it KILLS me to say this, but economically speaking, they came out of the gates strong, they are playing like Champions, and they are in the midst of dueling with the likes of the lue Jays, Orioles, and Devil Rays after beating on the Yanks. This little string has 4-1 written all over it. Sure the odds will be short, but if there's a pitching match-up you like (Arroyo v. Halladay is questionable) take it and pair it in a parlay with another game to juice up the odds.

Think of it like this:

The parlay points you get never change, they are adjusted according to the money lines in both games. Therefore, you can take a game where Johan Santaana is taking on the Indians for example, and pair it with a hotter pitcher on a lesser team and if they both come in the returns are pretty good. I did something similar recently where Randy was going for the Yanks and Livan Hernandez was going for the Nats. Thinking as follows: Nats home opening weekend, playing good ball, ace pitcher on the mound at buying odds with Randy pitching for Yanks on short odds= good investment/decent return.

If there's a single game where I think a road team has another team's number for that night, I take it straight, no parlay, and get the plus points on the money line.

I don't get into over/unders or buying and selling points, just not my style. I like the straight win/loss. Just like horse racing it then comes down to picking winners and losers.

Also, be bold and value the circumstaces. typically, when there is a closed door meeting or a manager goes ape-shit, that team's veteran ace pitcher becomes a bit more reliable. Veteran teams with something to play for are good bets against young teams learning how to tough out the long months of summer. Note: The Nats ARE a veteran team.

Also, remember the past, Wakefield OWNED the Yanks throughout last season and he comes in a baffles them twice to kick off the season, coincidence? No, they can't hit the knuckleball (this is going on three years now!).


Another thing. Message boards like this are VERY HELPFUL in understanding where to put your wagers. I've been getting high returns against Vazquez because more than one fan source confirmed that he has lost his curveball. I'm not saying that he can't turn it around, but for now... go against him. Especially since there will be less desireable pitchers competing with him and lenghtening the odds in your favor.

The approach is a bit different that football becasue your really buying a pitcher for the night. It's all money lines so you have to evaluate the cost v. the return. Keep on top of these things and you should do well this summer.

You know I believe it's VERY AMERICAN to take responsibility for your own retiremen t and not depend on social security. It's not too late to take your future into your own hands. Good luck.

Just post your damn baseball wagers on here every day and I'll mimic them, OK???

Enough with the talk I don't understand!
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