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I'm seeing 100-250 on Tiger.

Strictly keeping this discussion as it pertains to major tourneys it's an interesting concept. To bet one man v. a field of too many to count as 2 1/2 to one odds is absurd in most cases especially if you add into the fact that Tiger hasn't had his "A" game for the past year or so.

However, the man is a lethal competitor and traffic is a bit light on him. Sure the field is tougher on our guy than it was three four years ago but I have to put my money down on this one. 2004 was the first year since 1998 that Tiger didn't win one single major title. If he is able to add a fourth title (1997, 2001, 2002) he will assume his rightful place tied for second with Arnold Palmer for total career wins at the Masters with four. Nicklaus has six.

It all starts and ends with the Masters and no one is more aware of this than Tiger. He's hungry and not playing as poorly as the bombastic sports media would have you believe having won two $800,000 paydays by placing first in both the Ford Championship at Doral and the Buick Invitational in 2005. Besides, it's always fun to throw down on a great champion.

For exotics who better to go with than Shigeki Maruyama at 100-7000 who we last saw at the US Open giving household names Mickleson Weir, and Goosen all they could handle (the best of whom is coming off at 100-3000)?

Enjoy the Masters fellas.
So much for golf!

I think Im gonna be sick.
Putting a ball into the water usually only happens on a hole with a windmill. That didn't stop Tiger Woods from dunking one Thursday at the Masters.

Wow, I didn't need to read any further than that first sentence. That's gotta be more than a little embarassing.
Without getting too much in detail, this has been a VERY GOOD YEAR for the Cuz.. I should steer clear of golf but I like to have action. After things swing out tomorrow, I'll let you know how I'ma make it back at the Derby: the Single greatest day on the Sports Calendar... otherwise, enjoy my girl at Santa Anita tomrrow fellas!

"Yes, Im in a bang
With a gang
Theyve got to catch me if they want me to hang
Cause Im back on the track
And Im beatin the flack
Nobodys gonna get me on another rap
So look at me now
Im just makin my play
Dont try to push your luck, just get out of my way

Cause Im back
Yes, Im back
Well, Im back
Yes, Im back
Well, Im back, back
(Well) Im back in black
Yes, Im back in black " AC/DC;_ylc...ov=ap&type=lgns
Yo JCuz - bet you were nervous after that first round. But good call.
Hell yeah, but lets face it the best wagers are the ones where you don't get the "A" game from the option you play and you still win...

shows the wiggle room in that play.

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