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Full Version: Attention Foreskins/Cowpuke Trolls
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Line up and get your free $$ right here.

My $100 says that the Eagles will sweep your team next season. Think of it -- you bet $100 and to win all your team has to do is win ONE lousy game out of TWO with the Eagles. Man, how easy would that be for a team with such pedigrees?

The only caveat is that if we play late in the season and already have Home Field locked up for the playoffs -- the bet is off. It's obvious Andy doesn't care about winning in those circumstances.

Line up, I'll take any and all comers.

Now, since none of you are stupid enough to take that bet . . . shut the fuck up and move on with your sorry lives.
Oh -- one more thing. I want somebody neutral holding the $$. I propose the classy NE fan to whom I lost my SuperBowl bet. I wouldn't trust any of you losers any further than your team will get in the '05 playoffs.
Yeah -- I thought so.
~ Crickets ~

chirp chirp chirp

Dead silence.
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