I'm gonna enjoy this.... Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck you, Philly! The closest thing you'll EVER get to a Super Bowl is tinfoil. Your team and fans are the absolute dumbest son and daughter of bitches, and I mean that with all my blue and silver heart. You remind me of that kid I picked last in gym class. Your record was a sham. Your management is mentally retarded. Your QB throws dirt balls and tells corny jokes. Your coach is a fat monotone bastard with no spunk. Your defense is as weak as tissue paper. You hired a dog killer. You keep that football-inept fool Dave Spadaro around. Oh, and that Phillies' championship, a fluke. The Devil Rays! Yeah, like that's an achievement. The elite Yankees rang your Liberty Bell. Philly, you don't deserve to have a pro sports team. Everything about you screams loser.