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Full Version: Cookie setting and such
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i am sure this is a firewall kinda thing. but this board never remembers my settings and the "read / unread" icons never change.

at's perfect.

this isnt a complaint, because there's probably nothing that can be done, but more of an FYI

i use the same system/browser in both places (mac osx.3, safari)
Make sure that you are logged in at work. I've noticed that I have that issue on occasion. When you get to the board, ensure that it has your name up there instead of the link for logging in.
i do...but it's odd, at home i have never had to re-enter my password since my initial log in...but at work i have to re-log in every day.

cant explain it especially sinse i basically have the same setups at home and work other than the connection (lan network in the office, and dsl at home)
If you're behind a firewall, we may not be able to drop the cookie.

I've made an adjustment to the cookie settings. let me know if anything changes.
its made by the same guy, but he stopped developing that because of legal pressure and carried on with this. been using this for years now.
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